Welcome to Rothesay House built in 1855 at Brigus  and  subsequently dismantled ,transported and re-erected at Harbour Grace in 1906. From the moment you enter our home you will be transported back in time to an time of the 1800s with horse drawn carriages, ladies in bonnets with parasols and gentlemen in top hats. Wonderful and original examples of the fine architecture and craftmanship and heritage of the era are storied here at Rothesay House.

From the historical records of early settlement here in the late 1500s to the rich and diverse heritage of cultural and economic prosperity of the 1800s,the merchants left a legacy.

The scottish family of Munn from Rothesay Scotland established successful mercantile enterprises here during the 1800s. In the fishery,sealing and manufacturing industries. In shipbuilding and international trade. Their large ocean going sailing ships such as  the flagship barque "Rothesay" built here in Harbour Grace in 1848 travelled the "triangular trade route " from the Dominion of Newfoundland around the Iberian Peninsula trading at Spain and Portugal on into the Mediterranean to Italian ports and then across the Atlantic to Brazil up through the Carribean and United States back home to Newfoundland. The original painting of the Rothesay painted in 1853 by a french artist living in Italy hangs today in our hallway. 

The outmigrations from Newfoundland during the 1800s has resulted in a considerable genealogical significance of this place to people from all over the world. The confluence of a diverse ancestral  history and the cultural influences of Ireland, Scotland, England and France are evident today and it is that confluence of cultures and Newfoundlands long history as a country gives this place  a rather distinct identity.

"Come as a guest and leave as a friend"  


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